Hey, hey Orchard fans!  Another week has passed here in the Orchard.  I hope you all had a good week.   This week went by pretty quickly for me.  I’m sure that has something to do with having Monday off for Veteran’s Day.  Whatever the reason, I’m NOT complaining!  LOL!

You all ready for this week’s clues?  Here ya go!

FiF_Nov15You all know what to do here! Take a look at the clues that were given to you. Then go browse through this week’s Fresh Fruit section of the Scrap Orchard Market. Once you think you’ve found all the clues send a pm to me (carrie1977). If you have all the correct answers, you will be entered into a drawing for 10 Plum Perks. Plus, if you comment on this blog post, share it on Facebook and/or Twitter (be sure to link me up to your Facebook or Twitter links), you’ll be entered into another drawing for an additional 10 Plum Perks. Easy peasy!

You have until Sunday, November 17th  at 11:00pm  EST to complete this challenge.

Have a happy week everyone!  I won’t be around next week because I will be at The Happiest Place on Earth with my family.  Sherly is going to be filling in for me while I’m on vacay.  Be nice to her! 😉