It’s Finally Friday! by Carrie

Yes, I do have the song stuck in my head now.  Thanks self!

Welcome to another Find It! Friday!  This week has been a long one so I’m so glad that it’s over…well, technically not until after work, but you know what I mean!

Ready for your clues for the week?  Here ya go!


You know what to do. Take a look at the clues that were given to you. Then go browse through this week’s Fresh Fruit section of the Scrap Orchard Market. Once you think you’ve found all the clues, send a pm to me (carrie1977). If you have all the correct answers, you will be entered into a drawing for 5 Plum Perks. Plus, if you comment on this blog post, share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’ll be entered into another drawing for an additional 5 Plum Perks. Easy peasy!

You have until Sunday, March 10th at Midnight EST to complete this challenge.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and “see” you next week!


  • I have to say that I love doing these challenges! Thanks for the chance to get the extra points!

  • I love this challenge :)

  • fun game, thank you

  • Just sent a PM and tweeted! Thank you!

  • This was a fun challenge! I enjoyed looking over the new kits!

  • I’m very new here. Carrie says to PM her to carrie1977 but is the rest of the address @scraporchard.com.

  • This was fun! Thanks for the chance! :D

    Commented, FB’ed and tweeted.

  • I think I found them all, although I’m not sure about one. :)

  • Sent u a PM. Thanks.

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