Good morning digi peeps!!! Tamara here back with another fabulous template Tuesday!!  I am really excited to bring you this great template today because seeing it really inspired me to try something a little different for me!  I have been noticing, more and more, this fabulous trend in digiscrapping known as “art journaling”. I love the fact that it looks so real and artistic and well, raw!  Art journaling looks like it comes from the heart in all its messiness and grunginess, and though I would love to try my hand at it with real paint and paper, my life as it is right now doesn’t afford me the time or the money to really create the way I see some of these artists create. To be quite honest, I am a perfectionist at heart and the thought of creating something WITHOUT being able to use the UNDO button…scares me to death! That is where digi comes in, of course, and that is why I love it so! You can create some of the same type of pages you see from those amazing scrapping artists, but with half the cost and no mess!!! All it takes is a few fun and inspiring materials, a willingness to use the blend modes on your computer and a vision!!

If you are interested in trying YOUR hand at art journaling, I can start you all off with some great vision! This template provided by Little Green Frog Designs is just exactly what you need to begin creating a fun mixed media page!


(Click image to download)

and here is my page using this excellent template!


I can’t tell you how much fun I had throwing things on this template! I used Tracey Stroud’s  kit called Art and Soul.

I combined several of the papers playing with the blend modes to see which one gave me the look I was going for,  and then added some of her amazing elements to really grunge it up! Adding the paint spatters and changing the blending mode was ALMOST as much fun as painting it myself…only without the mess! Finally, since  art journaling is all about keeping it real, I added Tracy’s “Watermark Alpha” to create the title work!

I think the hardest part wasn’t scrapping at all…but more about actually picking the photos! The good news is that it doesn’t take much to begin your journey into art journaling!  Just check out the Market, pull out a fabulous kit from your EHD or pick and choose from a variety of kits to create your own unique style!  Just make sure you have some overlays, brushes, inked edges, (or you can just burn the edges), stamps and paint splatters  and, don’t forget the stamp alpha’s! The key is to think NATURAL! If you can’t create the real thing…then digi is the way to go!

Have a great week and Happy Scrapping!