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    So glad to be a part of this aweSOme community. LOVE the Orchard! Happy Birthday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captivated Visions View Post
    so cute!! love your dancing trina!
    LOL! I can rock a mean Sprinker .....

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    Happy Birthday Scrap Orchard!!!

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    so much fun! Happy Birthday!!

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    You totally 'can't tell' I am reading the lyrics for the first time, can ya!? iFail! LMBO!!!

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    So much fun! I love when you do these videos! They make me smile!

    Fastest Mouse in the Orchard

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    I really wanna go dancing with amber btw:)

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    I'll just have a water, please.
    LOVE this!!!! Happy Birthday, SO!

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    I'm so bummed I couldn't be here for the birthday celebrations (two dislocated shoulders will do that lol), but this video is awesomesauce! Love being a part of this community!

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    OH MY WOW!!!!!!
    I've been checking here but I HAVE NEVER REGISTERED until today!

    This video MADE ME REGISTER so I could post my comment. I'm rolling on the floor and can't get up!!

    Happy Birthday Scrap Orchard!!!


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