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    Are you having a Friday the 13th?

    I'm not really suspicious, but SERIOUSLY???

    I took Marky to physical therapy to get new foot braces. Locked my keys in the car. I should mention this is the second time IN FIVE DAYS that I've done this. I had 3 spare keys made...they don't work. ARG! 30 minutes late getting home to meet the dryer repairman. Fortunately he came back later.

    Then this afternoon while I am hurrying to finish a project (and get a photo while it's not raining=enough light) we get a lightning storm. The first one hit so close it knocked some photo off the wall. DD15 raced outside to see if the roof was on fire. I got her to come in before she was struck by lightning. I told her if the house was on fire the smoke detector would go off. But I was distracted and burned my grilled tuna sandwich. I threw it outside, but the kitchen smelled a bit like smoke.

    The SECOND one struck about 130 yards behind my house and started the drain/field on fire. I went out on the back porch to check it out and call my Dad (he lives next door & technically it was in his field/drain.) Then I remembered he was out of state watching my niece play soccer. Meanwhile the fire is growing...Flames are taller than me & wider than that. It IS the could probably burn itself out and not do too much damage, but it could also catch the nearby fields on fire...

    SO...I called 911 and explained what happened. I live in the country. I told the dispatcher to tell "them" to go in the driveway between my house and my parents' house. I'm still out on the wraparound porch hiding from the lightning. DD15 comes running out of the house frantic because the house smells like smoke. (Um...that would be my burned tuna sandwich).

    Then the rain started.
    Policeman came first. I pointed out where the fire WAS (yup...the rain seemed to have put it out)
    Volunteer Fireman Neighbor was next.
    Then the two town Firetrucks. By now it's raining enough I'm pretty darn sure the fire is out. I apologized to my volunteer fire chief neighbor, "I'm not an idiot...The flames were taller than me & wider when I called, & Dad is in Wyoming. I just didn't want it to get out of control"
    They went out to the field, checked it out, sprayed it with something, and went home.
    But my heart was still racing for the next 30 minutes.

    I called my parents to tell them what happened. My Mom says, "I wish it had burned the entire drain. I've been trying to get your Dad to burn that for years." Seriously? Then she said, "He won't do it because he's afraid it will get out of control with the other fields & stuff that is out there." THANK YOU. Ok. I did the right thing...even if the fire was out before the trucks got there.

    I never did get my photo. Maybe there will be a bit of sun tomorrow. In the meantime I think I'll go to bed.

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    Chelle sorry your days been like that. So far touch wood my day has been uneventful!

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    Oh no, Chelle! I'm sorry you've had such a rough day.....glad, though, that the fire got put out quickly so it didn't do any serious damage! *hugs* At least Friday the 13th only comes once in awhile.

  4. Oh my gosh, I probably would have had a complete meltdown LOL Glad everything turned out ok!

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    Oh my! That's one eventful day! I'm glad you're alright. Nothing Friday the 13th-ish has happened to me... yet. LOL

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    You "might" be able to laugh at this someday. I hope you are enjoying a calm night by now!

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    Have mercy. That's a day. I'd go to bed, too. Here's to a bright and sunny day tomorrow! :o)

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    Good grief! I'd go to bed too. Hoping tomorrow brings you better things!

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    yikes! sounds like a GREAT excuse to go to bed early, if you ask me. so far, this day's been great!

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    Oh, Chelle! Big hugs!

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    Oh my! What a day! Thank goodness your house didn't catch fire!

    I did have one moment early in the morning when I restarted my phone and it sent a text message to my husband that I sent last week and he apparently never received. I asked him one morning how the moon had treated him because we had talked about it before bed and he was working at the Fire Department (It brings out the crazies). Last week was a super beautiful and extra large full moon. Well he texts me back that it wasn't too bad after the restart and I was like, "Um, were you trying to text someone else?" We were both confused. It was just strange! We chalked it up to Friday the 13th.

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    Wow Chelle! That's crazy! I'm glad everyone is ok and the fire died out.

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    My goodness!! What a day! I'm hoping Saturday the 14th has turned out better for you :) Glad everyone's okay!


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