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    I mean, really???

    I am 51 years old (still one card shy of a full deck) and I have developed a huge zit on my cheek!
    You would think by now they would be history, but NOOOOO!

    Oh and the night sweats are so much fun!!!! I wonder if the neighbors would mind if I slept in the buff outside where there is a nice breeze.

    90% of you lovely ladies have yet to experience any of what I am talking warned!

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    Well, I'm 10 years behind you and I still get those lovely facial imperfections. UGH. And I swear, I've already been having night sweats and then during the day sometimes, my face will literally be on fire. It's miserable. ((HUGS)) to ya!

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    I got a preview of the night sweats. I got a bout of them after having both my kids. Lasted for a couple of weeks each time - guess my hormones were screwed up enough to mimic menopause. So yeah, I feel ya on the night sweat situation. Not pleasant at all!!!

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    My poor sister is in peri-menopause already at age 36. I'm 39 and have horrible zits on my face. :( I'm just thankful I'm not as far along in the meno as she is. It starts early in our family. But the pimples. So. Gross. I feel your pain, girlie.

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    My skin is terrible! I don't have acne, but I get isolated pimples all the time. It's really annoying. It gets worse when I am stressed. Of course, my babyface husband never has any imperfections. The world is just not fair! ;)

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    I may have just spit on my laptop. LOL!

    {hugs} Sandy!

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    I get zits ALL. THE. TIME. And you know what...I don't think it started until I hit my 30s. I had barely any zits when I was in my teens. I get them more NOW than I did then!

    As for the night sweats....I TOTALLY feel your pain. It's only started for me since maybe late fall last year.

    I would say 5 out of 7 nights a week I get them. It's gross! :( I also find I "run hotter" during the day than my family and my co-workers. All winter long at work people would be walking around asking me "aren't you freezing?" when I'm wearing a t-shirt and they are all in sweaters and hoodies.

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    I was just at a doTerra essential oils event. I am just getting started with them, but one lady tonight says the women's special blend can stop a hot flash in an instant. I put some on, but wasn't having a hot flash. I'm totally getting some. And they have a blend with tea tree oil that can clear skin imperfections too! When these oils change my life the way so many people say they have I'll be sending you all samples like crazy! (Good luck in the meantime!)

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    I loath my skin - all the horrid medication I was on as a teen for acne, and then I go & get it again after Alex was born. As for the sweats, I tend to be a
    hot bod anyway, so when it finally kicks in I'm going to be doing this all day ->

    Spots are for teens not adults - Mother Nature sure needs to sort that one out pronto ...still my mum told me there is a 'up' side to having crappy skin - apparently you get less wrinkles as you age - I'll let you know on that one ;)

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    We always 'knew' you were a hot bod, Sara! LMBO!!!

    and yes I agree about the younger look later on. No one believes me when I say my age. I had horrible acne as a kid and this was long before Proactiv

    Quote Originally Posted by livelys View Post
    ... I tend to be a hot bod anyway...

    my mum told me there is a 'up' side to having crappy skin - apparently you get less wrinkles as you age - I'll let you know on that one ;)

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    I understand completely about the night sweats.... although I get them both during the day and at night. I have found that I get them more in hot weather. Last month when we had 80 degrees here in Ohio, I was having them a lot. But now that temps are only highs in the 50's/low 60's, I'm not having them as often. But then they were worse a few years back when I first started having them. They do seem to have lessened as the years go by. FWIW, I started having them in my late 40's (now 56).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansan View Post
    We always 'knew' you were a hot bod, Sara! LMBO!!!
    Oh yeah baby

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    Well, thankfully I haven't had to deal with any of this...except for the occasional zit...whenever I'm stressed.

    If the night sweats are going to be anything like the way I sweat after right after I had a baby then I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I remember waking up and my clothes and hair would be soaked because of the sweating. Ewwwwww.

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    yeah, it's like that. Imagine a sopping wet cloth lying on your chest..It's the only part I notice when it happens. Such joy.

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    I don't look forward to this... especially since it seemed like my mom was going through it for years, and years, and years.... ugh! Hugs Sandy!


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