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    Tutorial: Fun Edgers Using Filters

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well! I learned a cool new technique and thought I'd share with you! There are a LOT of images - but this is really, really easy to do.

    Adding Fun Edges to photos or papers! Make sure you open the photo or paper that you want to work with, and re-save your file so you don't ruin the original. That wouldn't be good! Here goes! Let me know if you have any questions!

    Step 1: Open your image in PS, and duplicate it (Cmd+J or Ctrl+J). Select the background layer, press D to return the Foreground and Background colors to their default.

    Step 2: With the Background Layer chosen, press Cmd + Delete (Ctrl + Delete) and fill in the background layer to white. This image was from a beautiful sunset around July 4th weekend last summer. I love this image and felt I was lucky to capture it. I used Content aware to remove a fence and a light post (see this Content Aware Tutorial)

    Step 3: Using the Marquee Tool (Any preference is yours), click on your picture and drag as close or far from the edge that you would like. This will be the area that receives the "fun," lol! Here is the Tool, Layers Palette, and my Image showing the edge I have chosen.

    Step 4: Make sure the photo is selected, and click on the Mask Layer button - which is on the bottom of the Layers Palette, and looks like a little circle inside a square. (Sorry the pic is so small!)

    A mask will be placed next to your image in the Layers Palette. Your image should also have the edge filled in with white.

    Step 5: Next, choose Filter > Brush Strokes > Spatter. Any of the Brush Strokes can be chosen, I just happened to pick that one for this example.

    Step 6: A large screen will pop up, and show the filters, options, and slider bars. I chose Splatter with a Spray Radius of 16 and a Smoothness of 3. You can see what the edge will look like on the left of your screen.

    Step 7: Play. On the bottom of the Filter Screen, you can add different layers of filters on top of one another. This Layers Palette within the Filter Screen allows for hiding, viewing and deleting like the regular Layers Palette.

    Step 8: Try different Filters, and pick the one that you like best. Change the paper type, whether the edge is sketched or even textured. Whatever you like - plus there is always an Undo Button! :)

    Step 9: Click ok. Your Image should have the edge that you have chosen. Pretty cool and simple, right?!

    Step 10: Once you have that image completed, you can save that edge. Click on the mask's thumbnail to get the marching ants. Create a new layer and then Cmd + Delete (Ctrl + Delete) to fill in the marching ants. You can save that as a custom shape, and use it as a clipping mask too!

    A fun and interesting technique that you could try in 10 minutes! A great new way to change up your photos or make new shapes to clip to! Have fun!

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    i Don't have the mask layer button - any ideas?

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    HI! :)

    What about going the other route, from the Menu Bar: Layer > Add Layer Mask > Reveal Selection/Hide Selection. Keep me posted!


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