Welcome back to another edition of fresh fruit! I am so excited to share two brand new template sets with you this week!

Room For More Dessert
You asked for it, you got it...a second helping of dessert.. templates that is! This fantastic set includes a full course meal and yet lets you enjoy a delicious dessert by allowing you to maximize the number of featured photos with plenty of room to journal! You can scrap those multi-photo events with ease, using these tasty templates featuring 6-9 photo spaces, no need to put down your spoon...err mouse!

Huggy Kissy Lovey Dovey
Love makes the world go round, and this set is here to help you celebrate it! Delight in hugs, kisses and love incorporated as clever word art with plenty of hearts to embellish. You can simply add one to two cherished photos and share your affection in style.

LOVE! Aren't they gorgeous! Signing off for now... see ya on the flip side with more new tasty templates in a week!